NICHE stands for Nurturing Intelligence and Cognizance, Harnessing Entrepreneurship digitally. We believe in the power of content and build Digital Content Products and Solutions.

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We, at NICHE Digital Media, own and manage several sites.

Let's have a look at our Portfolio.

We help SMBs grow the value of their business, with technology enabled services and solutions.


WITS ZEN: Web, Internet, Technology and Social Intelligence

is a Startups and Tech News site that provides news, views, reviews, articles in the domains of Web, Internet, Technology and Social innovations and innovative news to global WITS enthusiasts, practitioners, prospective customers, business partners, and investors, eventually inspiring the inventing entrepreneurs into technology venturing and entrepreneurship.

KNOWLEDGE EMPOWERED: Enriched Education and Learning Info Insight is an Information Hub covers all the information and insight to make you exceptionally effective and more successful in your career.

Knowledge Empowered Covers:
  • Relevant and updated information on education, distance learning , elearning , online courses and career options.
  • Various courses and entrance examinations available from schools, colleges, universities and reputed institutes.
  • Information on professional certifications and trainings and vocational course options
  • Audio and video guidance, tutorials, lectures, ebooks, ejournals, and other digital content and tools available across the web, free and paid.
  • Innovations, Technology, tools and software available in the education and career domains.
  • Industry views, Experts’ opinions, tips, tools and techniques to mentor, motivate, and improve your learning curve, enriching your career ultimately.

EKALAVVYA: Making Youth Competitions Ready, the Online Learning Platform for Career and Competition, caters to the Current Affairs and General Studies needs of the Career and Competition Oriented youth. It helps competition oriented youth to spend less time looking for news, information, views and analysis, and more time using them for their career and competitive goals.

IASpireD: I Aspire for Education Digitally

IASpireD is an Online Learning Socially Driven platform that offers Online Courses and Digital Content Products for competitive examinations. IASpireD aims to make interactive learning, socially driven education affordable and accessible to anyone, anywhere via the web.

This Online Learning Socially Driven platform builds a user-friendly educational ecosystem.

We offer “Freemium” courses: A Part of our Courses and Digital Content Products are “Free”, and we charge a “Premium”, a fee, for advanced version.

The Koohooo!! Project: Kindling Creativity: By Kids, For Kids

NICHE Digital Media has recently released Kindle edition Kid’s Story, primarily catering to Indian Diaspora spread across the globe, for iPads, Tablets and Smartphones.
This Kindle is launched under “The Koohooo!! Project”that nestles and nurtures Creative Sparks in little minds. It helps kids find their audience get them appreciation and acknowledgement from the world around.

MarkComm Pitch : Marketing Communication Services For Startups & Small Businesses

MarkComm Pitch is an Online Marketing services firm that provides Marketing Communication, Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and Web Development services for Startups and Small Businesses.

We help tech-savvy startups to design and develop the startup’s message and its delivery to the target audience and other stakeholders. Our purpose is to satisfy the unique marketing requirements of the early stage, technology business.


We help SMBs grow the value of their business, with technology enabled services and solutions.


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